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Thank you to everyone who attended “The Meatball Challenge!”

Yesterday, 9th of March, was the kick-off event of The Filipino-Swedish Cafe, which is as part of Sama-sama Sa Lund’s Filipino-Swedish Integration Project 2014. We had a Swedish-Filipino cooking session entitled “Kötbullar and Bola-bola: The Meatball Challenge!” This is the first of a series of cooking sessions that will try to integrate Filipino and Swedish cuisines. We would like to thank all of our guests for attending, participating, and making it a success. As promised, here are pictures from the event, as well as the recipes of the dishes that we made. Thank you to the teachers, Jonas Rosenqvist and Rodrigo Petoral Jr., for sharing their own recipes with us!

A true Swedish classic!

good ol' swedish meatballs

good ol’ swedish meatballs

800g minced pork
2 onions
1 large potato
2 eggs
salt, pepper and sugar (to taste)

1. Peel, dice up and boil the potato until it almost falls apart. Mash and mix with a fork until smooth, glue-like paste.
2. Chop the onion as small as possible. Fry in some butter on medium heat until translucent.
3. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly in a large bowl.
4. Roll into balls, fry on medium to high heat in butter for about 4-5 minutes. (Jonas’ note: I usually start with one to determine if it was seasoned properly.)

Gravy (Jonas’ note: I’m really estimating here. Just taste it until it’s good.)

50 g butter
2 tbls flour
1 dl cream (40%)
3 dl milk
1 cube pork buljong
1 tablespoon dark soy sause
2 teaspoons of vinegar
2 tablespoons ligonberry jam
salt and pepper

1. Melt butter in pot.
2. Add flour until it’s a very think paste and fry for half a minute.
3. Gradually add milk while mixing. Adding too much at one time makes it lumpy.
4. Add the rest of the ingredients and bring to a boil. Let it boil for a couple of minutes white stirring.
5. Taste, season, taste…

On the side


1. Boil the potatoes and carrots in salted water.
2. After the carrots have been boiled, fry them in some butter and garlic for a couple of minutes.


BOLA-BOLA SOUP (with misua or rice vermicelli)
One of our favourite ‘Filipino comfort food’ dishes

"bola-bola soup"

“bola-bola soup”

½ kg minced pork
1 large yellow onion, minced
8-10 cloves of garlic, minced
1 egg
80 grams misua (rice vermicelli)
1 medium-size zucchini (or patola/upo), sliced
1 vegetable bouillon
1 tsp salt
½ tsp Pepper
Fish sauce (to taste)
1.5 – 2 liters Rice water washings (water collected after 2nd or 3rd washing of jasmine rice)
Cooking oil

1. Mix thoroughly the ground pork, half the amount of the minced onion and minced garlic, a sprinkle of flour, salt, pepper and egg in a bowl.
2. For the meat mixture into small balls (around 1 teaspoon each) and set aside on a plate.
3. Meanwhile, sauté in a hot pot (with oil) the remaining minced onion and garlic. Also, add the bouillon and cook for a minute.
4. Pour the rice washings and let it boil.
5. Drop the formed meatballs one by one in the boiling mixture.
6. Wait until the meatballs float on the surface of the boiling mixture and then add the sliced zucchini. Cook for about 5 minutes.
7. Add misua, gently stir and cook for another 3-5 minutes.
8. Add some fish sauce and pepper to taste.
9. Serve hot and eat with cooked jasmine rice.


A fusion dish of Swedish meatballs with a Filipino twist

meatballs in sweet and sour sauce

meatballs in sweet and sour sauce

Swedish meatballs (as prepared above)
1 cup Pineapple chunks
4 cloves of garlic , minced
1 medium-sized yellow onion, quartered
1-2 cups of mixed red and green bell pepper, sliced
1 cup of carrots, sliced
1-2 tbsp Vinegar
½ cup Brown sugar
1 tbsp ketchup
1 tbsp cornstarch diluted in ½ cup water
Cooking oil

1. Sauté the garlic in a hot pot with cooking oil.
2. Add the onions, followed by carrots and bell peppers. Cook for 3 minutes.
3. Put-in the pineapple chunks and cook for 1 minute.
4. Add the brown sugar, ketchup and vinegar then gently stir.
5. Taste the mixture and adjust the taste to your preference by adding more of sugar or vinegar or pineapple.
6. Add the cornstarch diluted in water and stir until desired thickness is achieved.
7. Ladle the sauce over the Swedish meatballs. Best served with cooked rice.

(All photos by Karla Marie Paredes)

2 comments on “Thank you to everyone who attended “The Meatball Challenge!”

  1. crowdedearthkitchen
    April 4, 2014

    The Global Recipe Project is seeking recipes from Philippines and Sweden. I hope you’ll consider participating – it’s for a good cause! 🙂 More information about this Project is available at

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