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a Filipino-Swedish organization established as a community association for Filipinos and Swedes living in Lund and vicinity

“Fika” and “Merienda”: Coffee break, anyone?! (Part 1*)

Here comes the second session of the Filipino-Swedish Cafe, a series of cooking workshops, as part of Sama-sama Sa Lund’s Filipino-Swedish Integration Project for 2014!


Are you curious about what Filipinos eat along with our coffee (“kape”) during breaks? Or maybe you want to learn how Mormor makes her traditional kanelbullar?

Swedish "kanelbullar" (cinnamon rolls)

Swedish “kanelbullar” (cinnamon rolls)

Join us on the 13th of April (Sunday, 13:00-16:00) at Trollebergsv√§gen** 2 Lund, and let’s enjoy each other’s company for a baking session of traditional Swedish kanelbulle and a Filipino counterpart, “ensaymada,” along with tasting our brewed traditional coffees. There will also be other snacks to make such as kaka and “turon” or “pilipit.”

Filipino ensaymada

Filipino ensaymada

If Swedes cannot wait to have a “fika,” Filipinos always look forward to our “merienda”!

Only ten (10) slots are available. Just leave a message here (or on our Facebook page) if you are interested. First to sign-up, first served. And of course, as usual, this is free of charge!


*This is only the first part of our “Fika and Merienda” session. Later on we will have a second part, since we love fika and merienda so much, and there’s so many dishes to cook and share!

**The venue is just outside the Lund central station, a small, red brick house located beside the train station exit with the Asian Express takeaway restaurant.

One comment on ““Fika” and “Merienda”: Coffee break, anyone?! (Part 1*)

  1. mydearbakes
    April 2, 2014

    Really love your bake! It’s just so amazing!

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