Sama-sama Sa Lund

a Filipino-Swedish organization established as a community association for Filipinos and Swedes living in Lund and vicinity

Filipino Swedish Integration Project

Sama-Sama sa Lund (in cooperation with and funded by Lunds kommun) would like to inform and invite everyone to participate in our Filipino-Swedish Integration Project.

It was launched in 2014 and was continued until 2015, thanks to the positive support of Lunds kommun. The activities included in the project are:

  1. Language education (Språkundervisning): Teaching of Filipino language to children with Filipino descent and Swedish adults who are interested in learning the language.
  2. Panel discussion  tackling topics such as problems with integration, cultural differences, assimilation, etc. A guest lecturer will be invited to this event. Discussions can be in normal debate format. This is in partnership with the Lund Debate Society.
  3. Filipino-Swedish Café, with the objective of integrating Filipino and Swedish food cultures. Participants will be able to learn how to cook Filipino (and Swedish) food with thoughts of creating variants using both Filipino and Swedish ingredients.
  4. Integration in Watercolour, a series of watercolour workshops for kids and adults, in collaboration with the artist Rachelle Åstrand, who is also member of the Sama-sama Sa Lund community.

As of 2016, we have merged the first three activities into one, called the “svenskt-filippinskt kulturmötet.” We are trying to hold these activities on a regular basis. You can check out our events schedule here. You can also check our Facebook page for more updates.

Overall Project coordinator: Rodrigo Petoral Jr. and Antonio Maranon

For queries, you may email us at or message us on Facebook.

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